VolNet (Volunteer Network Organization) is a NGO of young charity workers from Gambia and Germany. We send engaged young volunteers to Gambia – more than 60 since 2005. In this way we personally support local institutions and encourage intercultural learning, as well as carrying out youth work and education projects in both countries.

In recent years VolNet has been receiving requests for volunteers from various organisations in many different regions worldwide. We have also heard from potential volunteers who want to travel to regions other than Gambia. In the past we had to rule out both possibilities but in 2014, this changed. Since then we have also been offering volunteer services in Peru. In addition to this we also want to send volunteers to Kenya and Uganda. By expanding the range of placements we hope to make volunteering opportunities more attractive for people working in the fields of volunteer leadership, intercultural exchange, or global learning who want to get involved with VolNet but have no connection to Gambia. Since 2014 there has also been the possibility of a volunteer service supported by the government’s weltwärts programme – in addition to the so far unregulated and generally self-financed volunteer mediation.

The extended volunteer opportunities, which we  initially want to try out for two years, means that there will be several changes to our services. However, this does not mean that we will be withdrawing from Gambia. On the contrary: as well as sending volunteers, we want to further extend the promotion of youth and education activities in Gambia. Gambia remains the target region for our project activities.

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